Competition Vs. Compassion

IMG_5936It was field day in the grade school playground and I had stopped to cheer for my niece.  

With little concern for competition, Erin made her way to the starting blocks.  

She seemed oblivious to the finish line.   

She wasn't going to win, her legs were a bit awkward and her knees a bit large.

She ran though.  With all of the freedom and laughter she could muster she enjoyed the spirit of the race. 

The runner next to her was more awkward yet perhaps not as oblivious to the finish line.  

She was slow yet intent.  Striving it seemed to not be the final one to cross the finish line.  

I didn't know her name but I could see the desire in her face; wishing she wasn't quite so slow and awkward.  

She clumsily picked up speed weaving in and out of her own lane until she tripped on her own feet.

Without hesitation, Erin stopped.  She went back and helped her up and they finished the race together.  

A six-year old heart with little concern for competition but filled with copassionate wisdom.  

That was the day I learned that it is more important that some should not finish alone.  

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