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Let Me Be Real

Nativity Scene

We see you on tables and on lawns in the cold,
     in colors of red, blue, green and gold. 
Mary's babe in swaddling cape, 
     quiet wonder on her face. 
Mary, you look so serene, 
     far to pretty, much to clean.  
We might think we know you well,
     but if we listened what stories would you tell?  
Of the dirt, the dust, the fear and shame,
     the questions and every burning labor pain.
How many friends did you lose from your life? 
     oh, the grief when he no longer wanted you as his wife!  
As we turn to walk away,
     if we listen we can hear you say…
"I am real.  Don't turn me into a story, a legend or a myth.  
     Let me be real and I'll show you how to love like this. 
To love in spite of being afraid,
     to love not considering the price you must pay.  
To love when it might not be what you feel.  
     If you dare —- Let me be real!"
Looking back at that manger, shepherds bending to the ground,
     no royal entrance to be found.  
Joseph, you look so strong, so brave and true. 
     but do we really know what it was like to be you?
How many sleepless nights found you desperate and afraid?  
     How you must have grieved the plans that you had made. 
How many questions did your mind, your heart ask?
     How many times did you doubt you were up for this task?
As we turn to walk away,
     If we listen we can hear you say….
"I am real.  Don't turn me into a legend, story or a myth. 
     Let me be real and I'll show you how to love like this.
To love in a way that doesn't have to understand. 
     To love in a way that helps another person stand.  
To love even in spite of potential shame.  
     To love when you might rather find someone to blame."
And the manger draws our attention again,
    Where lays that baby filled with our sin.  
Oh Jesus, so tiny, we cannot fathom the road you will walk.  
     The king of kings flogged, spit upon and mocked.  
Grace to give and yet denied.  
     Came for love but crucified.  
Laying in a cradle filled with straw.
     Born to die.  For one.  For all.  
As we turn to walk away,
     If we listen we can hear you say…
"I am real.  Don't turn me into a story, a legend, or a myth.  
     Let me be real and I'll show you how to love like this.  
 To love like you are unaware that life comes with so much pain, 
     To love not for self but for another's gain.  
To love in a way that makes a difference for mankind.  
     To feed and clothe the poor and give sight to the blind."
If you see us as a myth or seasonal decor, 
     our lives are meaningless and our love is no more.  
But if you believe and allow us to be real, 
     our Creator still lives and our love can still heal.  
So live unaware December comes with such hurry and hustle, 
     celebrate Christmas without headache and bustle.  
Because a baby came not in art, story or play.  
     But as a savior for every minute, in every hour, every day.  


photo (20)
Happy eyes.
Sleepy eyes.
Runny nose.  
Dirty nose. 
Hopeful smile. 
Mischievous grin.
  Baby giggle.  
Childish laugh.
Meaningless babble.
Thoughtful discussions.  
From a baby to a girl.  
From a girl to a woman. 
I'm watching it all,
In the rear view mirror.  

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

IMG_0856Yesterday you fit in the palm of my hand.
Today you held my hand as we walked.  
Tomorrow you will release my hand and move on.  
Yestrerday you spit up on my shoulder.  
Today you fell asleep upon it.  
Tomorrow it will catch your tears.  
Yesterday I put you in a crib.  
Today I put you in a classroom.  
Tomorrow I will watch you go into the world.  
Yesterday you cried for my embrace.
Today you briefly returned to it.  
Tomorrow you will embrace another.  
It grieves me that yesertday is gone.  
It frightens me that tomorrow awaits.  
It amazes me that I've been given today.  
Yesterday I prayed a prayer of hope for you.
Today I prayed a prayer of thanks for you.
Tomorrow I shall pray in grief and deep gratitude for me.  

Visit with a friend


I visited with the sunset today.
     its presence, comforting.
       its conversation, stimulating.
Its faithfulness challenged me. 
     it's colors inspired me. 
       its warmth filled me. 
It wrapped me in its arms,
     gently kissed my face
      and spoke words of peace. 
As it slowly said "goodbye"
     I found myself a bit altered
       from the visit with my friend. 


Good Friday

Somewhere between darkness and light

     doubt and provison 

Somewhere between His grace and our works

     our need and His love


Somewhere between

     now and forever

He extends holiness

     in the midst of humanity. 


Somewhere between

     the cross and the empty tomb

His death, my death

     becomes life.



Two Gardens

Eden                                              Gethsemane
A glorious beginning                                             A tragic conclusion
The command for light                                          The dread of darkness
The joy of goodness                                              The pain of sorrow
The creation of man                                              The preparation of Christ
Communion with The Creator                                  Separation from The Creator
Ultimate perfection                                              Ultimate grief
The forbidden tree                                               The inevitable tree
The selfish choice                                                 The selfless choice
Death.                                                                  Life.

Marie My Sweet Angel

M y wonderful heart outside my own

A llowing me life and joy and love.

R ecklessly beautiful,

I nteresting beyond measure.

E ndearing me always,


M ore and more and more.

Y earning to know you.  Thankful to have met you.


S incere in my hope to raise you,

W ell,

E xcellent, on purpose, no

E xcuses.

T hankful to my creator,


A nd the journey he has for you

N ot knowing your path but knowing His

G race, his purpose, his love

E nveloping you more than even I am capable.

L oving you, together, God and I.

Marie My Sweet Angel