Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

IMG_0856Yesterday you fit in the palm of my hand.
Today you held my hand as we walked.  
Tomorrow you will release my hand and move on.  
Yestrerday you spit up on my shoulder.  
Today you fell asleep upon it.  
Tomorrow it will catch your tears.  
Yesterday I put you in a crib.  
Today I put you in a classroom.  
Tomorrow I will watch you go into the world.  
Yesterday you cried for my embrace.
Today you briefly returned to it.  
Tomorrow you will embrace another.  
It grieves me that yesertday is gone.  
It frightens me that tomorrow awaits.  
It amazes me that I've been given today.  
Yesterday I prayed a prayer of hope for you.
Today I prayed a prayer of thanks for you.
Tomorrow I shall pray in grief and deep gratitude for me.  

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