What I Hope For You

IMG_4696I hope you learn how to share even if you don't want to.
I hope you learn about disappointment early because you don't get everything you want.  
I hope somebody takes the time to listen to you and encourages you to talk.  
I hope that there is somebody in your life who insists that you are polite and respectful.  
I hope you don't get a brand new car on your 16th birthday.  
I hope you get angry and accuse your parents often of caring too much.  
I hope you comfort your younger sibling when she is scared even if you find her fear a bit silly.  
I hope you experience both the beauty of poetry and the passion of literature.  
I hope nobody lets you quit in the middle of something.  
I hope you still kiss your parents and say "I love you" long after it feels cool.  
I hope you learn humility and security because you've been embarrassed a time or two.  
I hope you learn to play in the mud and work in the yard.  
I hope you have chores around the house and I hope you have consequences for not doing them.  
I hope you skin your knee trying something you were afraid of.   
I hope you don't change who you are in order to fit in with your peers.  
I hope you have to work for some of the things you want. 
I hope you will come to know intimately the God who loves you.
I hope you learn from the poor choices you will inevitably make.    
I hope your friends tease you when you have your first crush and phone you when he breaks up.  
I hope you wear hand-me-down clothes and eat left over casserole.  
I hope you accomplish something that takes a lot of time, hard work, and perseverance.     
I hope you take the time to sit and talk with your Grandparents and listen to their wisdom. 
I hope you will pursue what is in your heart without ever compromising it's beliefs.  
I hope you believe in yourself in spite of yourself.  
I hope you will come to enjoy your own company.  
I hope you know you are a loved, loveable, priceless and precious miracle.  

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