About Missy

I am humbled by the time you have taken to find and browse this blog; I pray that there is something within it that makes your time here worthwhile. 

I’m Missy Nicholas.  I am the 9th of 10 children, the wife of a heat & air man who loves cattle ranching and the mamma to one fascinating little girl. 

I am a professional psycho-therapist, an amateur photographer and a lifelong writer. 

I am a person of passion but not impulse.  I have a strong belief in the power and necessity of change but I address change with great apprehension.  I am a public speaker and occasional teacher.  I am content but ambitious.  I am compassionate but not inclined to pity.  I believe in responsibility and celebrate spontaneity.  I love the outdoors but only if I’m comfortable.  I cultivate relationship and cherish solitude.  I test as an introvert but was raised in a crowd.  I love to travel but am always grateful to return home.  I am daring but not fearless. I am confident though I lack certainty. 

My heart beats in poetic rhythm while my mind seeks concrete solution.  I am a mix of beautifully flawed contradictions.  I am committed to seeking earnestly that which is truth and desire absolutely that which is God. 

I am honored that you would join me for even a part of this journey, I’m glad you are here!



2 thoughts on “About Missy

  1. Stacey

    You are a beautifully gifted writer Missy! I love that you started a blog and look forward to finding inspiration in your posts! 


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