Why I don’t support Phil

phil-robertsonI do not believe the debacle between A&E and Phil Robertson to be an issue of free speech or religious persecution so my perspective does not take up that debate.  As a Christian myself, I must definitively say that Phil Robertson of A&E's Duck Dynasty does NOT need my support.  This is a man who communicates consistently with the living and risen Savior.  As far as I know, he walks with the Holy Spirit to the glory of his heavenly Father.  He says he is in active relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  What in the world could my support possibly add to this recent situation when he has access to that?  And if that wasn't enough, he has more resources and family members (with guns) than I could possibly count.  
As I see it, my verbal support on social media or otherwise actually causes more damage to Phil's purpose of spreading the gospel or speaking the truth than it does help it.  Here is how I see it:  
The gay and lesbian community has systematically been alienated and isolated from the truth of God's love and grace because many Christians continue to define them by their sin.  Quite simply we seem to be more focused on convincing them of their sin than convincing them of God's love.  If we are so concerned about the state of their hearts, the destination of their souls and the course of their lives why aren't we showing support for them?  Lining up behind Phil, even if you agree with him does not seem to be the best way to further the gospel to those who need to hear it.  We have made the truth of God's love something that is near impossible for gays and lesbians to hear because they corporately feel so hated, looked down upon and judged by many Christians.  And yet it is our commission to love them!  Why would they listen to us speak of His love when we line up to prove them wrong, sinful, bad?  Aren't we all wrong, sinful and bad?  
I believe that a person can cling to the truth, stand for the truth, speak the truth and live the truth in an uncompromising way without alienating people from that truth.  The ultimate truth is that God loves us and Jesus died for each of us and that without Him we are eternally lost.  That truth, scripture says, sets people free.  I pray that we are not becoming obstacles in the lives of others so that they don't hear that truth.  If we are, I believe we will be asked; "why?"  

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