Message for Daddy

He was a man of few words, my father but for some reason he always encouraged mine.  "Keep writing," he would say "You're good at it." So I did.  I've played with poetry and kept journals since I was a kid.  Words have rolled around in my head wanting to be introduced for as long as I can remember.  I have filled notebooks that even I don't necessarily want to go back and re-read.  But I continue to write.  I'm a terribly slow reader myself, since I mouth every word even when reading silently.  But I love to see what words will do when they fall off the tip of my pen.  I made a 'C' in at least one English class growing up.  My term papers, research papers and compositions were always filled with red marks and an average grade when handed back to me.  But I kept writing.  There was an English proficiency exam which was an essay that was required by all seniors to graduate from the University I attended.  I flunked it.  Flunked!  As in: You will not be graduating!  The professor wouldn't even read it because I had written it in all capital letters, as I do everything.  Automatic 'F'.  It seemed the only voice encouraging me to write was Daddy's.  "Keep writing," he would say "You're good at it."   So I did.  
And that is why I wish he were here today.  So I could thank him for buying me that word processor which showed 4 lines at a time before you hit 'print'.  A fantastic piece of technology for a wannabe like myself.  I wish he were here so he could read my blog.  He wouldn't agree with all of it's points or passions but he would read it and he would tell me that he was proud.  I wish he were here so I could thank him again for noticing that I loved something and encouraging me to do it.  And I wish he were here so that I could say, "Daddy, there is a publisher that wants to publish a book I wrote!"  I always wanted to be able to tell him that.  It's been a dream of mine for years.  For myself and for him. And now that dream has come true!  Somehow although I don't get to tell him in person, I think he knows.  He certainly had something to do with it happening.  Just by saying those 6 words that I often needed to hear.  "Keep writing.  You're good at it."  So I did!
Letters to Love, my twenty year journey of being a single adult will be available this Fall!  I'm excited for the process and the feedback about my work.  Perhaps it will help somebody, encourage somebody or just cause a chuckle or two.  That would delight me.  I would love it if you bought one, borrowed one or downloaded a copy when it's available.  I'll keep you posted on where you can get it.  If you do read it and you enjoy it, share it with a friend and send a little thanks to my dad!  




2 thoughts on “Message for Daddy

  1. Linda

    Been thinking of him alot lately.  Two words describe him UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  So happy for you & I do believe he is celebrating your success!  Proud of you!  Can't wait to read it.  


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