Advice From The Mother of All Moms


This is one of my favorite photos of my mother because she is laughing!  I've always loved it when she laughs.  Raising 10 children certainly provided many opportunities to laugh.  I've also always loved my mother's lessons and advice.  She recently made a list for one of the grandkids who requested it as a birthday gift.  The following are among those she considers most important.  Enjoy her wisdom!

1. Remember friends come and go. Family is forever.

2. Don't be afraid to say no, when no is the right thing to say.

3. Keep in touch with God – Go to Church – Pray — it works.

4. Don't hesitate to work through disagreements calmly.

5. Write "Thank You" notes!

6. Read.

7. Vote – it's a responsibility and a privilege.

8. Don't be afraid to work – it feels good to accomplish something.

9. Respect others.

10. Don't let material things rule your life — you can't take them with you.

11. Be proud to be an American – God has blessed our country.

12. Laugh often.

13. Stay close to your siblings – they are your parents’ most precious gift to you.

14. Always leave a place better than you found it.

15. Have a good work ethic.

16. Get involved in your community.

17. Please don't be a slave to your cell phone, text, twitter, facebook, or any other ways of communication that technology comes up with.

18. Respect yourself — (body, mind, and spirit) so that others will do so too.

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